Wednesday, February 11

Arriving in Bogota

It has been a while since I wrote here - many things happened some too hard such as mum's death.

I have read this sentence so many times in novels and diaries and it seems weird to me as I still find
that sometimes I cannot believe she is not longer with me. This has been one of the reasons I stopped

I have now started another blog as I am starting a new period in my life... check it and enjoy it!

J x

Friday, April 4

Feeling the Shine

I was walking to meet Silvia; it was cold and windy and I was trying to keep my pace fast until I bumped into this metallic fence... I have been taking pictures of these sort of things both in Cartagena and London and I hope I would be able to add more of these images to this blog in a short future.

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Monday, March 31

back to the dream

I am back in Brighton, sunny as ever... dreaming about those places where you see nobody and can walk along the beach feeling the brieze caressing your face...

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Thursday, March 27

Wandering around the Fence

That morning, we were wandering around the country around the house, and gradually the sky became overcast although it was still very sunny... I looked up and saw the semi-transparent fence dividing the space leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of being somewhere else.

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Thursday, March 20

A hole in the wall...

Last September I returned to Cartagena, thinking that I was going stay there longer I wished. The prospectus did not make me feel happy at all... However, I decided to do the best I could whereas there.
Once thing I wanted to explore for a long time was to visit some of the buildings and sites that were part of the military areas and were closed to the general public. As the military had not gone, all these places have been left in abandoned and people taking their advantages...
One day, I drove down to a small fishing village not far from Cartagena; Not far from the village, hidden in a Mediterranean forest, I found a neglected military site; there were around ten barracks whose ceiling had fallen...

Sunday, November 4

autumn’s sweet we call it fall

"It has been a year since I visited Epping Forest; a place I always want to come back. This is a great place to walk and get away from the hectic streets of London. After an intense summer travelling to Spain and dealing with too many unexpected problems, I am embracing the quietness of the winter...

Epping Forest is the perfect location for the video I am planning to shoot entitled "Did you say something to me?". This is the second in a five part series of video/film works. This piece is a 16 mm film based centred on ideas around cruelty and how certain confrontations can transpire against nature. By investigating the idea of cruel conflict, other motifs unfurl. Hope I will manage to get a great crew to start working soon.

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Monday, September 25

looking through...

it was about time to jump out; for two years i've been hidding from the responsability of looking through the glass expecting to continue looking at myself in the mirror...not anymore!

Ogni giorno un barbaglio, e alla fine si avrà l’intera, intatta luminosità

lo que para Pasolini valida su "saber" frente al de los expertos es su propia experiencia, su propia percepcion de las cosas desde cerca, es decir, en el infierno. La verdad se agota en la evidencia de que vivimos en un infierno consistente en la existencia en todos nosotros de un deseo de matar, de matarnos, que, finalmente, es fruto de un aprendizaje, o mejor, del fracaso de todo el sistema social en el que hemos sido socializados. Esta afirmacion tiene una premisa necesaria, que es el lado rousseauniano de Pasolini: existio un paraiso en la tierra, una edad de la inocencia, pero un pecado original (en Rousseau, la propiedad privada)nos expulso de alli. Y no podemos volvemos a el: es irrecuperable. La historia se ha agotado. Ha empezado la posthistoria.

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